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ADB and Japenese Aid to custom modernization

23/5/2014-The Japanese government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are partnering to support the government of Nepal in modernising its cust

NPC announces projects on trouble

15/5/2014-The NPC said that since there is no programme document, it is not clear what kind of activities will be initiated in the long and medi

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The long way to go:Transparency in NGOs
By:- Meen Raj Panthee
The government must devise a way of monitoring and regulating NGOs and their activities.For this,a robust one-window NGO policy has become an imperative. ...

Peddling Poverty- Aid Regime in Nepal
By:- Sukhdev Shah
Aid accountability is an alien issue for most people because it is handled as a government-to-government business in which people need not get involved....

The message from the north
By:- Prashant Jha
After increasing pressure to curb Tibetan activity, China’s diplomacy in Nepal has now entered a new phase — of influencing domestic political outcome on federalism....

Lets talk about aid
By:- Mathhew Frost, Tear Fund
So why is not the conversation about international aid framed in this way?Because,as long as we are arguing about whether aid is good or not,we are missing the point....

Terms of Trade
By:- Purushottam Ojha
Cartels and syndicates raised by transporters, distributors and retailers of petroleum products, agricultural goods and vegetable vendors largely harm the common consumer and low income groups....


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