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Aid to developing countries in 2013, an all-time high

08/04/2014 - Development aid rose by 6.1% in real terms in 2013 to reach the highest level ever recorded, despite continued pressure on budgets

IFC can float bonds worth Rs 50 bn

1/04/2014: A Cabinet meeting held today allowed the International Finance Corporation to float local currency bonds

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Corruption in Nepal
By:- Uday Raj Wagle
Corruption is not a new phenomenon in Nepal with its feudalistic, favouristic and clientelistic bureaucracy where public goods are not properly managed or valued....

Nepals economic development Political masters on synthetic stallion
By:- Madan Kumar Dahal
Nepal’s economic development is poignant and decelerating and rapidly trailing behind other South Asian economies in South Asia attributing to growing inefficiency, mounting corruption and poor governance. ...

Bilateral donors in the Pacific: is it more than development?
By:- Annmaree OKeeffe
In step with this increased economic engagement is a rise in China�s influence across the region which is making itself evident on a number of fronts. Most notable is its donor activities. ...

After the Millennium Development Goals
By:- Dani Rodrik
The MDGs encompass eight goals, 21 targets, and 60 indicators. Much criticism has focused on the use of these numerical targets and indicators, which, skeptics argue, are misspecified, mismeasured, and divert attention from equally important areas. B...

Win-win formula: Indian Investment in Nepal
By:- Sukhdev Shah
The unwelcome climate for Indian investment would discourage any large-size commitment of resources from them. This is sure to keep power development in Nepal in a limbo for a long time, as has happened in the past. ...


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