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ADB and Japenese Aid to custom modernization

23/5/2014-The Japanese government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are partnering to support the government of Nepal in modernising its cust

NPC announces projects on trouble

15/5/2014-The NPC said that since there is no programme document, it is not clear what kind of activities will be initiated in the long and medi

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Better out than in
By:- Mina Aryal
On the international front, or destination markets, foremost is the issue of market access. The up to 97 percent duty-free quota-free (DFQF) market access for LDCs provided by developed nations is not enough as the remaining three percent restriction...

Great leaps forward
By:- Marco Cavalcante
Since 2000, Nepal has made remarkable progress in reducing extreme poverty and also significantly reduced hunger...

Foreign Aid and Democracy of Nepal
By:- Himalaya SJB Rana
In my view Nepalís Non-alignment policy and international relation did not influence Nepali politics and infrastructure development, as foreign aid was received both from the First World and Second World....

World of the Rich Man
By:- Renu Raj Bhandari & Kate Lappin
We must make sure our voices are heard internationally, that we no longer accept being governed by the wealthy, simply providing cheap labour and getting small pockets of aid. We want no less than human rights....

Food aid: A birds eye view
By:- DR. Girish P. Pant
Food aid can be classified into project aid, program aid and relief or emergency aid. Project food aid is directed to the poorest in terms of a basic-needs strategy. Commodities are utilized to fund targeted food allowances of distribution programs, ...


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