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Mexico Calling: 1st High Level Meeting

17/04/2014-38 new initiatives were launched by governments, business, private foundations and civil society to push forward effective developmen

Govt. requests China for $ 400 million aid

17/04/2014 - The government has asked the Chinese government to provide it with $ 400 million in aid  to invest in the 750MW West Seti Hydr

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Nepal-India Relations: A Diplomatic Failure
By:- Dwarika N Dhungel, Former Secretary, Nepal Government
But a single interaction alone, that too, in New Delhi, would not be sufficient to build better relationship between the two countries and get over misunderstanding. Sustained efforts in the form of interactions attended by different groups at differ...

Global Food, Waste Not, Want Not
By:- Institutions of Mechanical Engineers
n less-developed countries, such as those of sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, wastage tends to occur primarily at the farmer-producer end of the supply chain....

Trilateral security
By:- Rohit Karki
It is clear that each country has its own interests in Nepal, which is not particularly favorable for Nepal and poses a challenge to Nepalís sovereignty. Nepal is turning into a battlefield for international heavyweights, with weak domestic politics ...

Technocratic Policy Drama
By:- Hemant Raj Ojha
The technocratic approach is reinforced by the last 50 years of aid in Nepal. The aid industry has nurtured apolitical subjects and impregnated the policy deliberation system with apolitical and alien tools....

Know thy friends
By:- Prof. Birendra Mishra
India has failed to communicate effectively with broader Nepali populace ...


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