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ADB and Japenese Aid to custom modernization

23/5/2014-The Japanese government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are partnering to support the government of Nepal in modernising its cust

NPC announces projects on trouble

15/5/2014-The NPC said that since there is no programme document, it is not clear what kind of activities will be initiated in the long and medi

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Need For Economic Independence
By:- Jagannath Adhikari
Nepal needs to focus on the ways to bring economic change so that every individual becomes economically independent...

Accountability of I/NGOs
By:- Narayan Manandhar
Given the current state of weak governance in Nepal and lacking mechanism to implement development programmes, the scale of corruption inside NGOs must have increased sharply....

Donor Darlings
By:- Gyanu Adhikari
The train of thought in Anju’s head takes another turn. In the evening, she asks herself: does Nepal even need Dfid? Or is it Dfid that needs Nepal?...

NGO: A Long and Turbulent History
By:- Thomas Davies
The term itself – ‘nongovernmental organizations’ – entered common usage via the United Nations (UN) Charter at the end of World War II. ...

Flaw of Big Aid
By:- James Rinaldi, Himalayan Aid
You could sum up the foreign-aid culture in Nepal by looking at the ICIMOD building at Khumaltar. It’s about the size of the royal palace, occasionally shows signs of life, but generally seems to get things done—generally. To me, it is the face of a ...


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